Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 8

June 14
Today we got to help out with the fun trucks. It is a ministry that goes out into the city every Saturday to share Bible stories with children. We split up into teams and got in the trucks and they were teeny. We had nine people in the back of ours and not enough air flow. Darryl and I sat in the front and held up the cover so we didn't die of heat stroke.

When we got to our first stop I didn't know what to expect. We got out and since they do this every week the kids expected us and came running. Just in case some of them forgot we were going to be there they blasted a hand held radio as we walked around. Yep. Everyone knew we were there now.

This was our first stop. Not a huge amount of kids but they were happy to see us. They prayed, listened to a Bible story, sang "one way...Jesus" (which turned out to be a song we heard A LOT while we were there), had a snack and then it was on to the other two stops we were to make.

Stop number two.
Stop number three.
I admire Greg and his team so much. I found that after today that I was getting discouraged. There are so many people in Manila. So many. How can they all be reached? If feels like such an overwhelming task. But they keep going. They do what they are called to. Mark 16:15 Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
After a week in the hotel we finally made it up to the roof top pool. I have always wanted to swim in one. Seriously, for as long as I can remember. It could possibly make the 'things to do before I die' list. They are just so cool to me. Chrisanna and I stayed up there for a good long while soaking up the rays, relaxing...and we got a shot of a few other things too didn't we Chris?
We hadn't planned on going to church tonight but Greg wants us to do the drama so we will be there. I can't believe we only have three more days before returning home.


andrea said...

Where's your dark shirt over those swimsuits ladies? :c)

You are doing a great job recapping your trip. I enjoy reading what you guys did each day.

Matt said...

Alot of people go to college for seven years