Monday, July 21, 2008

long time no see

we have been going like crazy around here. this is what's been happening.

*our computer died last thursday. oh the madness! it got a virus somehow and went crazy. it took them several days to fix it but we have her back and she's good as new.

*we went camping with the whole family last weekend. There were 16 of us and we had a fabulous time. we went to bonneville again and minus the horse flies and the unusually cold overnight temperatures it was great. we want to try someplace different but it's hard to when we have such a good thing there.

*my mom, aunt and i took an acrylic album class at archivers. it was a little intense and there was a lot of stuff to do on it but we now have a really cute album done. now i can say it was all worth it.

*i started taylor's quilt on saturday. at a lock in. with older women :) just kidding. there were six women there and i was the only one under 50 but it's always fun hanging out with more mature women. i love their sense of humor, their love for one another and most of all that they have been quilting long enough to help me through the *#$@! pattern i am using.

*i got quite a bit done on saturday and went to terry's to work on it again yesterday. i almost have the top done. i am so excited. i think taylor is gonna love it!

*i am feeling very crafty and bought stuff to make the easiest apron you could ever imagine. i will post a picture when i get it done.

*megan and ben and matt and cole will be here in a couple weeks. that means lots of family time. woohoo!


Matt said...

I can't wait, don't expect to be getting any sleep while I am there. There is going to be some crazy "Smith" parties going on up in here. Ok, so napping on the couch at 8:00pm so we can stay up for the 10 o'clock news. Hey that is parting to some ;-)

andrea said...

I've been wondering where you've been! Does it feel wierd not being up at camp?

You should post your finished product from your class at Archiver's. :0)

Meg said...

Can't wait to get there. We're leaving for the Bahamas this Saturday for a week on a missions trip. We'll be back Saturday-Wednesday and then we leave thursday afternoon to be in Idaho!! We're stoaked!

SPARKY said...

HEY! i totally bought an apron pattern a while ago. it's my goal to make them for all my girls. (including you of course) a great gift huh? can't wait to see your handywork!