Thursday, December 4, 2008

Days 2 and 3

Our advent activities are going well. Day two was 'make and decorate sugar cookies'. When I really thought about it I knew that making and decorating them would take all night so I made them in the afternoon so they would be ready for decorating that evening. The kids loved it and I think more frosting and sprinkles were eaten than actually made it on the cookies but they had fun. Emily went non traditional and used her pink and purple Barbie sprinkles on her cookies, while the boys smothered theirs in red and green.

Day three's idea I stole and we made paper snowflakes. I have ideas planned for the month but nothing that would've been done before we had to go to church. I printed off templates of some really cool flakes and the kids did their own thing. In the end we had the good, the bad and the ugly. I read that if you iron them with a cool iron they will flatten out so I plan on doing that today so we can hang them tonight.

This evening we are going to make homemade peppermint milkshakes. Yum!


Dionna said...

Ohhh - the peppermint milkshake sounds delicious! I'm not that far away - any extras could be sent to my house. :)

chrisanna said...

Why did you have to mention peppermint milkshakes? Those sound sooo good! It's fun hearing about your everyday activities.

Boise Diva said...
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sara b said...

Mmm, those shakes sound delicious! Great job on documenting your days :)

Kelly said...

Mmmm, peppermint milkshakes sound so good. We have peppermint ice cream too. I have a feeling we'll be consuming some this weekend. Thanks! :)
I didn't know you could get snowflake templates from the internet. We do them every year and Kylee has been begging me to do them so maybe I'll print off some new ideas for her.