Monday, December 29, 2008


Whew! These last days have just flown by. It may take me a few posts to get caught up so stay with me.
The first thing I must write about is, on the 19Th, our baby turning 6. Seriously, where does the time go? Rob got off work early and we took her to build a bear. She has had her eye on this bear for a long time. Her friend Hailey has one and named it Lovie and all Emily talks about it Lovie this and Lovie that. We knew she would be thrilled to have a Lovie of her own. If you've never done a build a bear before they sew it up they have you pick out a heart and make a wish then sew it inside the bear. Precious I know. So she had Emily grab one, then had her grab two more and Rob and I had to make a wish and when we were done we had to say Happy Birthday Emily! as loud as we could. It ended up being a little louder than I thought. And the store was packed so that was fun.
Washing her up

Doing her birth certificate

Waiting in line to pay. Yeah, that set us back a weeks worth of groceries. But she's so darn cute. We just couldn't resist.

That night our families came over to celebrate. We had dinner and immediately opened presents because she could hardly stand it. She just had to wear her crown that she made at school. I think it looked like a dunce cap but don't tell her I said that :o)

Rich and Steph got her this crown. Much better!

Unless, of course, you put it on crooked and don't fix your hair. Adorable. Do you like her My Little Pony on the cake. That was a touch all her own.

I also have some exciting news. Rich and Steph announced they are pregnant. Well, Steph is pregnant, Rich is just along for the ride. She is due in August. August 10Th to be exact, which is Taylor's birthday, but she will have a c-section before then. I am sooooo excited. I just love having babies that I can snuggle and cuddle and adore and send home so I can get a full nights sleep. Can I get an amen?! Been there, done that, not planning on doing it again unless God wants to show what a sense of humor he has. I hope he doesn't. You wouldn't see me laughing.


Dionna said...

Love the little pony on the cake. :)

Every time I dip into the grocery budget for something else I just tell the fam they need to brace themselves for mac n cheese/ramen or baked potatoes that week. Cheap! :)

Hey - you need to RSVP missie.

Erin Boyle said...

I love the commentary on newborns!
So funny!!

Kelly said...

She looks so happy with her Lovie bear!
I love her crowns and cake! I think it's so great you let her be who she is and don't try to "fix it". She's a cutie!

SPARKY said...

see, these are all the dang reasons i need a little girl. dang that build a bear! ok, so boys get them too, but still.

andrea said...

She is so cute! Happy 6th bday Emily!!

sam said...

I'm just beginning to see how expensive little girlies can be! :) Looks like a fun time and a great memory, so it's definitely worth it.

jen k said...

I've always wanted to do the build a bear thing. It looks so fun! Cute pictures of your birthday girl. She's growing up!