Monday, December 15, 2008

Yipeee it's snowing...again

Can you feel the sarcasm? I am not a fan of the snow. Nope. I don't like it. It's cold, it's wet and it makes driving anywhere suck. So you can imagine how thrilled I am that for the third day in a row it's coming down. I should be happy it's only a small amount. Poor Matt is in a blizzard right now. But I'm not. I'm a hot blooded human. I need heat. You see, I've always been a lover of warm weather but it really hit me when we went to Mexico. I always knew of places that were warm when we weren't but to actually go to a place with 90 degree weather in October made me happy, then when we had to come home to considerably colder weather I was not pleased. And that did it. I want to be someplace where they know no snow. Where I can lay on the beach 365 days a year if I so choose. Someplace warm. Does this say happiness to you? A high of 12(that's not even two syllables) screams unhappiness to me.

We had a great weekend. Friday was our night to go downtown and see the capital Christmas tree. Emily went to Kiki's to spend the night so she wasn't with us but we brought our neighbor, Matt, to make up for it. We got down there and, because they are doing construction on the capital, they had decorated a tree that stands on the property and we really could've gone any day of the year and just imagined lights on it. It was also sleeting so we got out, looked at it, the boys ran round for a very few minutes and we made our way back to the car. It was freezing out so we went to Starbucks for some hot drinks then to Toys R Us.

Our church Christmas program was last weekend so most of my day Saturday was spent there. I had so much fun being a part of it. We sang some great songs. My absolute favorite was the Christmas Worship Medley. It's long but if you have the time take a listen. It's fabulous. Glory to God was pretty fun too. The band played Christmas Eve Sarajevo by Trans Siberian Orchestra and it was amazing. They did such an awesome job. The whole thing turned out so well. God definitely had his hand in it.
This morning I had a doctor appointment. They were checking my cholesterol again. I knew they were doing a finger prick and I have been so nervous about it. The last time I had my finger pricked was in 6th grade. My best friends mom worked at the Red Cross and she was coming to school to tell us what our blood types were as part of a science unit we were doing. I was feeling good. Cami and I were going to go first but I chickened out. I sat there and watched my whole class get their fingers stuck and all to soon I was the only one left to do it. She stuck me and I went back to my chair. Someone siting next to me said "you are so white". My teacher came up to me and confirmed my ghost like appearance then Cami's mom said I should go lie down in the hall. How embarrassing! And so began my involuntary reaction to all things needle. Fast forward to today and all the way there I was wishing they would take blood out of my arm, because for some reason I don't have a problem with that. Go figure. So I get there, she calls me back and I tell her I would rather have it taken from my arm and she just laughs. She alcohols my finger and I am squeezing my eyes shut and telling myself not to pull my finger away when she pokes me and then...nothing. No pain. No bee sting, no sliver, nada. Thank you Lord. I felt rather silly for being so nervous but when you have my history you can never be too careful. And the best news is my cholesterol is normal again.
Now if only the snow would stop.


andrea said...

Not even excited for the chance of a white Christmas??? We are So opposite when it comes to this. I love the snow! I love watching it fall, playing in it, shoveling it (yes, I love to shovel. It's good exercise!).

You guys did AWESOME at that Christmas program. It was all so well put together and it really made me stop and think how easy it is to just let Christmas be simply Christmas.

Alisha Beverly said...

Great job on the Christmas Program. You looked great up there and I loved everything about it!

Dionna said...

Jen - We are SO alike when it comes to weather! I don't like the snow either and I'm pretty much always cold in the winter. I whined all weekend coming home from church (which I'm always cold at) with a cold nose and shivering arms. I adore 90 degree weather. So you and I can whine together. :)
Glad your cholesterol is better. I have to have mine rechecked in the spring and I'm nervous about it. They take blood from my arm though. :)

Kelly said...

I love the snow and that Idaho has 4 real seasons.
And it could be worse...

SPARKY said...

you're funny. i feel the same way about needles, but having rykon helped me overcome it a bit. i had so many shots that after a while i just moved on from my fears.