Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The coconut

Emily likes to try new things when we go to the store so last week when her eyes locked on a coconut we bought one and brought it home so we could try the fresh stuff.

We got our tools together and I started pounding.
 More than anything the kids wanted to drink the coconut water. It has to be good right? They sell it in bulk at Costco so I figured how bad could it be? I got enough of a hole that I could pour it into a cup. Taylor tried, then Rob and then Emily and they all agreed... was gross! Now if I were on a deserted island and I needed water then I would have no problems drinking it but round these parts, where we have good ol' tap water, I think we will be leaving the coconut water to the castaways. 
I finally got it open and it was so pretty. We started digging into it to eat it and, well, living your whole life thinking that coconut comes in a bag with the words "shredded" and "sweetened" on the label doesn't really prepare you for the real thing. It wasn't for us but at least we tried.


NatalieJune said...

Taylor's face is priceless! Great post

Kelly said...

I never would have thought a coconut would've been gross. But like you said, at least you tried it. :) Carson's goal for this year is to try lots of new foods. He's already a pretty adventurous eater so this should be interesting.