Thursday, April 26, 2012

disney: take 1

we're baaaaack!
it's been six years but we finally made our return visit.
i love disneyland because no matter how old i get i am still giddy every time i go.
 we decided our first ride would be space mountain.
 then we started to make the rounds going as fast as we could.
buzz lightyear astro blasters
 astro orbiter
i have to tell you a funny story about this ride.
now i know i'm not a toothpick when it comes to weight but i don't think i'm a large marge either.
this ride made me think otherwise.
rob got in first and as i got in and tried to sit down we couldn't fit.
ummm not happening so i jammed myself right down in there.
this ride is so skinny that rob's legs would not fit around my hips.
we started laughing because of the ridiculousness of it all.
laughing hysterically while we try to get our seat belt on, which we couldn't cause it was jammed somewhere between the ride and rob's knee.
it starts to go and between bouts of uncontrollable laughter rob is trying to tell me that he is afraid they will have to call the fire department to get us out.
and telling me when it stops to let him try and get out first so i don't hurt his legs.
oh, the humanity.
fortunately, for us, we did make it out with no other injuries than some wounded pride and sore stomach muscles from laughing so hard.

 next we hit autopia.
emily loved being able to 'drive' all by herself although i did have to reach over and push the gas with my unsteady left foot cause she couldn't reach it.
left foot+accelerator=a very whiplashy ride.

 i was super happy that the kids were over the character thing. 
when we went before we stood in many a line so they could get pictures with princesses and mice and everything in between.
this time we only got a few pictures when we happened to be in the right place at the right time.
picture with pluto and no waiting at all :O)
 this is the gadget go coaster.
it's just a small kiddie coaster but i loved taking pictures on the rides to see their reactions.
 chillin in toontown
 never thought she would be so happy to ride roger rabbit's car toon spin.
 so buff
 now over to splash mountain.
taylor and emily were a little apprehensive about this ride.
couldn't tell?
i thought they would both pass out from the anticipation of it all but they made it through like little champs.
and then rode it four more times before going home.
 it made me happy that emily and taylor wanted ears.
how cute are they?! 

 one of those rare moments when brother and sister coexist peacefully.
this was during our 45 minute wait for toy story mania.

and that is our first crazy day at disney, with lots more to come!

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