Monday, April 30, 2012

disney: take 2

we head back to disney a little tired today. sore feet, sore backs and not enough sleep don't mix.
we soldier on, though, because we are in the happiest place on earth!
last time we came here we waited to the last possible minute to try and ride 'california screamin'. 
i'm talking 8:00 the night before we leave to come home.
it wasn't in the cards because the ride broke down while we were in line and we didn't get to ride.
this time we didn't want to miss it so as soon as we got to california adventure we got in line.
this is where taylor drew the line.
he was not about to get on this coaster. no way. no how.
we figured we would want to ride again so we got five fast passes before we got on.
the four of us rode it and loved it! we just knew that taylor would too if we could just get him on it.
we'll see...
here is the miss getting ready to climb aboard.

after the roller coaster we walked around a bit to find some other stuff to do and look who we ran into...

♥ i just love my girl in her ears ♥

peer pressure finally got to him and taylor decided he would go on the coaster.
it's a good thing we had those fast passes cause if he had to stand in the line much longer he might not have made it.
somehow we got messed up in line and emily and i ended up going first. as we got in the car i look up and tay is standing there with a big crocodile tear going down his cheek. the poor kid was petrified.
i tried to tell him that he was going to love it as we are pulling away.
i was just sure that rob was going to have to leave and not ride.
here we are after our second ride.
loved it just as much as the first.

and here is taylor.
just as expected he loved it and rode it a couple more times before our trip was over.
i am so proud of him for conquering his fears and not missing out on such a fun ride.

there is an attraction called world of color at california adventure. it's like the bellagio fountains but better.
the only thing i didn't like about it is instead of being able to walk up and watch when it starts you have to get a ticket, line up 45 minutes before they let actually let people find a spot to wait and then wait another hour for the show to start. that's a lot of waiting.
since there was nothing else to do we ate. after our dinner we got some cotton candy and emily wasn't about to let any of it get left behind. she licked that stick clean.

it really is pretty as the sun goes down and all the lights come on.

then the show starts and it's magical. just like everything at disney.

we ended our second day on a very good note and head to bed.
tomorrow we head to universal studios!

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