Tuesday, May 1, 2012

we had a good run

16 years.
that's how long we went without a broken bone in this house.
6158  0 days without a broken bone.
taylor came home with this doozy after a day of dirt biking.

rob said he thought it was just a rolled ankle. 
he said he used to roll his ankles all the time and that's what they always looked like.
he said it's just a bad sprain.
we iced, elevated and iced some more then wrapped it so we could go to church sunday morning.
i have a friend who was an xray tech and asked her to look at it. she said it didn't look good so off to the minor emergency place we went.
an hour later a chipped ankle bone is confirmed and he has this...

it's so swollen that it will be a while til it can be cast, so we wait.
finally on thursday we get to the orthopedic doctor, he verifies the break and asks taylor what color he wants.
was there ever any doubt as to what he would choose?

 my blue an orange boy!
three weeks and counting til this baby is off!

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Kimberly said...

Yikes! I think I saw the first picture on fb, but I didn't realize it was broken. He looks pretty cheerful with his cast. :)