Tuesday, May 15, 2012

laguna beach

ahhhh the beach.
i love the beach.
the feel of sand between my toes,
the smell of salt,
the sound of the constantly pounding waves.
if i could live anywhere it would be near the ocean.
today was all about relaxing by the sea.
unfortunately it started out a little cool but we made the most of it.

this one is just like her mama.

taylor loved looking for sea creatures.

tay wanted to make sure people knew we were here :o)

if emily is just like me then this one is just the opposite.
he is definitely not a fan of the beach.
he hates flip flops, sand and salt water.

this was the last day of our trip and, although, i am sad to be leaving the carefree lifestyle of vacation living i am so happy that we got to take this trip together and will carry these memories with me forever.

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