Sunday, May 27, 2012

this dog... always right here. 
this close to me.

we got her for austin many moons ago but all the kids left for school and now it's just her and i.

she loves all the affection she can get.
she wants to be pet.
i can't even cross my legs cause if i do she walks over and stands over my crossed foot hoping to get a free belly scratch.

she is so affectionate.
and she wishes she was a lap dog.

she is always under foot.
i have done my fair share of swearing after i trip over her.
i cannot move without her moving.
i cannot leave a room without her trotting along behind. 

i have been guilty of feeding her scraps of food and now she looks like a giant twinkie.

as much as i hate the hair,
hate the poop,
hate tripping over her,
i love that she is always right by my side.

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