Wednesday, May 9, 2012

disney: take 3

day three we had a pass to get in an hour before the park opened to everyone else. i guess everyone else had the same pass because there were just as many people there at 7:00 as there usually were at 8:00.
rob said he would go get fast passes to space mountain while we went and got in line for the tea cups.
there wasn't a line so he missed the ride but he was fine with that since the girlie tea cups make him sick :o)

we were trying to get all of our favorite rides in one last time so we headed here.

why do they have to make everything so darn cute?!

hitting splash mountain once more.

and as you can see rob was having a good time.

and, of course, we had to go on it's a small world.
austin isn't here because we made him go back to the hotel and take a nap.
can you say grumpy?

ok...this is really the last time we are riding space mountain.
i adore emily's face in this picture.
i think she was having fun.

the castle at night.

our very last ride of our trip :o(
thunder mountain railroad.
we all loved this ride and it was a great way to bid farewell to disneyland.

this place is so magical and i am so happy that we were able to make another trip back. 
i love to hang out with my little family, even when they are grumpy, and i know that someday these memories will be precious to them.
we are finished with disneyland but we still have one more day left in the golden state.
i can't wait to feel the sand between my toes!

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