Friday, April 27, 2012

i love a good deal!

i was skimming through the paper today and thought i would check out the estate sales going on this weekend. i found a couple and called my mom and asked if she wanted to come along. the first was was ok but i did manage to score a wrought iron plant stand for $3 and a white pyrex bowl for $1. can't beat that!
 the second one was pretty good. i came away with a wire basket, a spool and a box of vintage ribbon still in the package, two bags of vintage ornaments, a vintage clothes line for all of our wet suits this summer, a heavy duty spatula for camping, a box full of plastic silverware and straws for camping and a vintage sweater coat all for $9.  i can't wait to dig into that ribbon. the colors are gorgeous!
 he only charged me $2 for the sweater! lovin it!

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