Friday, August 31, 2012

insta friday x 2

one of these days i might get around to publishing a post that isn't an insta friday post but for today that's all i've got.
and to top it off it's for a the last two weeks. 
austin had his wisdom teeth out right before school started.
even though he did the conscious sedation he remembers everything. so glad we didn't have to pay the $300 that tiny pill usually costs.
afterward he didn't take one pain pill, one nap or have any swelling.
i think it's cause he's so stubborn.
 i had to look at the ground most of the time so i didn't end up on the ground.
that would have been embarrassing.
 i participated in a mug swap a couple weeks ago.
i love sending things and i love getting things so this was perfect!
this was the mug i got my partner and the mug rug i made her.
and this is the mug i received.
we are going to be great friends.

7th grade shots for taylor.
30 minutes after this picture he broke his front tooth again. oy!
 some last minute school shopping and a pretzel at the mall.
her fav. 
  first game of the season.
we won 42-16
 emily going after the bouquet at a friend's wedding.
 me and laurel at the wedding... 
 and out for a good time later that night.
praying for our kids as they head back to school.
  first day of school.
4th grade for this little one.

 7th and 11th for these two.
this was the first time in three years that austin didn't act like he was dying when we asked for a first day of school picture.
  had to don the sweater at the end of practice this week.
i do love the sweater/three quarter shirt and shorts thing, though.
indian summer makes me happy.

and i decided as long as the flowers are going strong there's still some summer left.
come on flowers! be good to me!
i sent this girl to school with a sock bun today.
she is so stinkin cute it kills me.
she totally rocked it! 

life rearranged

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