Friday, August 31, 2012

first day 2012

in order of departure...
taylor. 7th grade.
this is his first year in middle school and he was a bit nervous.
fortunately he has plenty of kids from the neighborhood, football and his old school to pal around with.
 the color is a little wonky on these pictures cause it's my phone.
in real life he isn't white...har har.

these eyes scream excitement and fear.
ryan's mom drives them to the bus so i say goodbye at the door and off he goes. sniff.

austin. 11th grade.
where did this kid come from?
he's not really a kid anymore, though, so i guess i should say where did this man come from but that's too weird so i will stick with kid.
we only have two more school years with him and then he's off to begin his own life.
that's scary.
we are trying to soak up all the time he will let us have before he's gone.

i was pleasantly surprised that he didn't even put up a fight.
the last two years we have had to threaten him with death to get him to stop and take a picture.
this was last year. memorable huh?
we hardly even had to ask this year, he just hopped right in.
such a good boy.
he still won't smile with his teeth showing. 
i think it's more of a stubborn thing than a 'i hate my teeth' thing but i will take what i can get.

emily. 4th grade.
holy cow she looks old here!
not sure when she grew but apparently it's been happening lately.

after the boys leave i have a little over an hour with just her.
it's been so nice getting that one on one time with her.
i get her breakfast, help her pick out clothes, have time to do her hair and walk her to the bus. 
it's fantastic! 

 emily and hailey.
hailey is nine months older than emily.
i am so curious to see how tall this girl ends up being.

so that was our first day.
everyone came home happy.
no horrible experiences that made them want to crawl in bed and never get out.
only nine months to go!

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