Monday, August 20, 2012

insta friday

  the smoke has been crazy with all the wildfires burning around us.
 it has made for some beautiful skies but mostly it's made my nose run.

it's been so stinkin hot these last few weeks. 
i happened to look at the thermometer at noon, one day, and noticed it was only 72 degrees.
i took a picture, posted it and not an hour later it was hotter than hades.
the cool morning was much appreciated though.

taylor wanted to go to pojo's for his birthday so we obliged.
he and emily played skee ball(my fav), air hockey, pac man and tons of kiddie gambling games.
those are their favorite.
just keep popping in the coins.
in the end they had almost 1700 tickets so they didn't do too bad.
maybe we'll take them to vegas.

we thought it would be fun to take some photo booth pictures.
bad thing is the area where you have to be is about the size of a quarter.
emily was up front and i just knew that hers was the only face we would be able to see.
we got the pictures back and i almost dies laughing.
in every picture all you can see is her forehead.

the birthday boy wanted to go to the drive in, and since it was on our summer list we were able to kill two birds.
other than the mosquitoes it was a great night.
and we actually made it through both movies.
the 2 a.m. arrival home was a little much but so glad we did it.

for his family party, tay wanted to go to the speedway.
it wasn't a great race night but we had fun with the whole family there.

 my darling little girl made a picture and used these 'stickers' to hold it together.
that same darling girl informed us, on the way to church, that "when i was in mccall i was trying to blow bubbles that looked like butt cheeks".
precious isn't she?

in preparation for fall, school lunches and snacks in general i started drying bananas.
i spent two days drying five bunches of bananas and got two quart baggies.
that's it?!
and the kids had them gone in about three days.
i guess i need to do twenty bunches in order to have them around for any length of time.

i also made spicy bread and butter pickles this week.
we've gotten a lot of cucumbers this year but not enough at one time to make it worth the trouble of making pickles.
after throwing most of them away, due to rottenness, i decided to suck it up and make some pickles anyway.
five pints isn't bad.

emily wanted to go for a walk and just had to have sadie come.
i finally figured out the reason.
roller blades+dog=no work.

 middle school registration.

and finally, we had taylor's last optimist jamboree on saturday.
a little sad that this chapter is closing but it's been such a fun ride.

life rearranged

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