Tuesday, August 30, 2011

another year begins

austin starting 10th grade. i don't know what is up with this child. i cannot seem to get him to take a normal picture. he only did this when i threatened him with death. fetching isn't it.

baby girl is starting 3rd grade this year. how the time flies. she picked out this shirt and has been dying to wear it.

and this guy is starting 6th grade. middle school. he was so nervous even though he is staying at the same school he's gone to since kindergarten. he's a funny kid.

and just like that they are gone.

ha! just kidding. i had to race to the school to catch them before they went in. it's tradition :O)
taylor, emily and hailey

taylor and matt
 and we can't forget joel.


Kelly said...

I think that's probably what every sophomore's first day of school picture looks like. So I'd say he's normal. :)
Enjoy your quiet days!

Jared Wanzer Photography said...

oh back to school. I am loving the 'no smile' picture! he will love it one day!

Kimberly said...

Emily's shirt made me think of these animal print (furry) vests that we saw yesterday at Target. Our girls thought they were a little crazy. :)

I also saw your crayon art -- we saw that online and thought about it; it's cool to see your results!