Wednesday, August 17, 2011

corn pickin'

lizzie said she had a lot of sweet corn that was going to go bad if it didn't get picked soon. you don't have to ask me twice. skye and i headed to melba and picked more than our share.

there isn't a whole lot of room to move between rows. and it's a little spooky.

let's talk about the clothes for a minute. we both went out there in shorts. lizzie said that was a bad idea because of the weeds etc. so she offered some pants for us. my wind pants had no lining so those things were sticking to my sweaty legs. skye's preggo belly wouldn't fit in anything of lizzie's so she had to wear dusty's jeans. we looked awesome.

corn, glorious corn. we will be shucking until the middle of next month but it will be so worth it.

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