Sunday, August 14, 2011

my day yesterday

1. woke up at 7. not by choice.
2. woke emily up at 7:02 for cheer camp. yes, she started cheer leading for taylor's football team this year. no, i'm not thrilled about it. but all the other sisters were doing it so i gave in. peer pressure at its finest.
3. tried to pick out rain boots for steph to order before the deal was up at 8. her computer wasn't working so we missed the deal. next time.

4. read the newspaper with a cup of hot coffee. outside. on the back porch. alone.

5. mowed the lawn. one of my favorite summer activities. provides me instant gratification twice a week.

6. cleaned up the remainder of the dishes from our night of ribs, corn on the cob, sweet potato fries, watermelon, apple pie and peach crisp. taylor's happy birthday dinner.

7. chores done so i can finally have some fun. went to see The Help with alyssa. fabulous book. fabulous movie.

8. movie went longer than i thought which made me late picking up emily. i apologize profusely and friend's mom finally tells me to quit apologizing, it's fine. still feel terrible.

9. go home and rob and i sneak in an episode of 24. yes it's unrealistic. yes it's predictable. yes we make fun of how many times they say 'protocol' and 'do it now!' in every episode but we love it and are hooked and plan on seeing it through to the end.

10. head to the meridian speedway for the eve of destruction with megan, ben, rodger, cole, rich and rykon. and when they say destruction they mean destruction. things were blown up, crushed, burned, pulled, pushed and set on fire. it was awesome. except for the noxious fumes. and the drunk people.

11. home for one more episode of 24. i just can't help myself. and finally sleep. glorious sleep.

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