Saturday, August 6, 2011

my heart is happy!

my baby. my last born went to kids camp this year.
how can this be?!
she's only 8!
not old enough to be on her own, away from family for such a long time.
but, indeed, she was.
she made the decision to go to camp and nothing was stopping her.
we got to the church and she found kiki.
born only three months apart they now depart on this new adventure together.

checking off their names.

climbing aboard.

she looks heartbroken to be leaving doesn't she?

and then she was off.
with one final wave my girl was gone.
i waited so patiently for friday afternoon to come.
when alyssa saw me she came up and told me that emily wanted to ask jesus in her heart so much but she wanted to wait until she got home.
to do it with me!
my heart melted.
she got off the bus and after many hugs she informed me that she wanted to stop on the way home and get a bible.
she picked out an adorable purple one with a cover to go with it.
we got home and her and i came upstairs.
i talked with her about what it means to be saved to make sure she understood and then we said a prayer together.
and the angels rejoiced!
so proud of my little girl for making the decision to follow christ.

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Kelly said...

What a sweet girl to want to share that with you! What a great memory for both of you!