Thursday, September 20, 2012

so over it

i shouldn't be complaining.
we have it better than a lot of people.
we have healthy children and i thank god every day that we do.
but we have had a lot of medical and dental stuff this year and i have about had it.
i went through my calendar to add up all of our appointments this year and i am up to 25.
between broken teeth, sealants, fluoride treatments, root canals and wisdom teeth i have made 14 trips to a dental office since january.
between broken ankles, lacrosse knees, shots, sinus infections, moles and routine visits i have made 11 trips to a doctor's office since january.
it's not only squeezing our wallet but my insanity as well.
taylor finally got his root canal finished after three visits to an endodontist.
that joy lasted for about 30 minutes.
we got home and his dentist called and said that after we left the endodontist took another look at his final x-ray and noticed a spot on another tooth. he wants us to come in next week to make sure he doesn't need a root canal on that one too.
that poor kid has been through enough.
to round out the month we have one more dentist appointment and one more doctor appointment to get emily's stitches out bringing our grand total through september to 27.
her mole was benign and, even though i wasn't worried about it, it's always good to hear.
so even though we still have some appointments to get to and i will spend a good portion of time ferrying kids from school to dentist and doctor and back again i will be grateful that they are for small things and at the end of the day give thanks that my babies are healthy.

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