Wednesday, April 22, 2009

deals ahead

Albertsons is having a sweet sale this week. I got all of this for $88 which might sound like a lot but I brought home 93 items, which averages out to less than $1 for each, and between coupons(i had one for almost every item i bought) and preferred savings I saved $175. Here's a list of the food I brought home.

16 boxes of cereal
5 boxes of crackers
2 5lb. bags of flour
2 barbecue sauces
2 grands biscuits
4 enchilada sauce
3 cookie mixes
2 fiber one granola bars
2 fiber one toaster pastries
4 kashi cereal/granola bars
4 flat bread sandwiches
12 suddenly salads
8 macaroni and cheese
12 yogurts
2 frostings
2 fruit rollups
4 boxes scalloped potatoes
3 muffin mixes
2 brownie mixes
1 cake mix
My receipt...54 1/2" long!


Alisha Beverly said...

You go girl! I love coupon shopping!

andrea said...

Oh man. I have fallen off the coupon bandwagon this month. I need to get my act together.

Great job on all your deals!

Anonymous said...

Did you get a coupon for free movie tickets too? We went today and bought 10 Kelloggs products and got a code to download and print two tickets!

sam said...

I need to do better watching for cereal sales. You scored big time! Great job!!

jen k said...

Good job Jen! I was planning on heading there today for a lot of the same stuff.

SPARKY said...

you are my crazy coupon lady!

Erin Boyle said...

Way to go Jen! It is such a great feeling!