Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break Part 1

My whole family decided to head down to St. George Utah for spring break this year. None of us had ever been and we had no idea what to expect but we were all ready for an adventure. We left bright and early Saturday morning not too excited about our nine hour drive. Emily and Taylor left the night before with my parents so only having Austin made travelling a lot quicker. Not so many potty breaks :o) We actually made it all the way down with only one stop and in the nine hours we planned. When we got here everyone was dying of hunger so we cleaned a little bit of road grime off of ourselves and headed to dinner. Day one was just about over and we were ready to start day two.

This could get really long so I think I will just highlight the things we did every day so as not to bore anyone to tears.

*Dad woke up with chest pain. My brother and mom take him to hospital and thank the Lord he was OK.
*Mom is fighting off bronchitis and losing. Not a great way to start a vacation.
*Our condo was right on the desert edge which meant that the kids could literally walk down a small hill and be amongst the cactus and dirt. They were in love!
*We were all about exploring while we were there. Lots of canyons and hills to examine up close. The first two days that's exactly what we did. Lots of bouldering, hiking and believe me, no stone was left unturned.
*Our first time out we hiked a canyon and had the most fun. The kids were like monkeys climbing up and over the rocks. Taylor was crawling under a huge boulder and found a geocache. He was thrilled!
We had been climbing for quite a while, all wanting to make it to the end of the canyon, when the narrow canyon opened up into this valley. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed it just long enough to get pictures. It was getting dark, it was starting to sprinkle and we still had at least an hour walk back. Good thing our kids are tough.

*I also have to mention that every time we went hiking we brought home rocks for our yard. Not just little rocks but large flat rocks to go around the fire pit we are building. By the end of the week our pile was slightly ridiculous.


chrisanna said...

Looks like fun so far. I'm sure the kids were in heaven with all that dirt, rocks, and tons of exploring to do. It's one of the best kinds of entertainment.

Dionna said...

I LOVE the picture of you next to that huge rock and then the kiddos. Shows just how magnificent God's creation is huh? And here we think WE'RE big stuff. Puts us in our place.

Kelly said...

Is that legal? Taking the rocks? I know it's illegal to pick wildflowers in some places...

It looks beautiful! I bet the sunsets were incredible!

SPARKY said...

that place looks beautiful

Alisha Beverly said...

Those rocks look amazing to look at! I love the 'macho' posed picture of you guys!