Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend fun

--church to put together a packet for keith.
--a trip to greenhurst nursery with skye.
--football sign ups for taylor.
--more work on the garden. we are almost there!
--a big salad and pizza from idaho pizza. yum!
--slumdog millionaire.

--up early for more yard work.
--taylor's football game. they won 38-0. woohoo!
--tilling up the side yard where the fire pit is going.
--tilling all of the fertilizer/dirt/sand in the garden.
--barbecue at rodger and terry's.

--up early and ready to plant.
--raking up all the grass in the side yard and hauling it off.
--rigging up a sprinkler system for the garden.
--planting! carrots, broccoli, four types of lettuce, onions, spinach, parsley and strawberries. the rest come next month.
--celebrating honor's first birthday.


Alisha Beverly said...

Sounds like your going to have a great garden!

chrisanna said...

Wow, you've been working like crazy outside. The weather has been perfect for it. Are you going to share some of that garden goodness? he.he. Did you love Slumdog Millionaire? I thought it was so good.

andrea said...

You'll have to take pictures of your finished yard. I'd love to see it. Although it might only make me jealous :D