Monday, April 13, 2009

"He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said" Matthew 28:6

We had a very blessed Easter. I fought with whether or not to host it again because I had to sing that morning and wasn't sure if I would be able to pull it off. After much thought and offers of help from my precious family and friends we decided it was worth it to keep the tradition alive. This was our 6Th year hosting and as usual we had a great time.

The celebration started with church on Saturday night. It was an awesome service! Towards the end there was a cardboard testimony, like this one, to Healer. What a testament to the grace of our Savior! Our God is so good!

Sunday morning we got done with church and I raced home to get things together only to find that Rob had picked up the house all by himself. What a HUGE help that was. I really didn't have much to do so I just hung out till everyone showed up.

We had about a jillion eggs to hide so the mommies and daddies got busy with that. Please pay no attention to the yard. We are putting in a garden and taking out the swing set, that's why it's sitting in the grass. We also put in an underground electric fence for the dogs so they will stay on the side of the house and we can finally have our grass...well actually the whole yard back.

Then it was time for the kiddos to attack the backyard.

I love this picture of the boys. This is the one reason I was indecisive about a garden. The kids always have so much fun in the sandbox.

It seems that every time all the brothers get together the bikes come out. This time was no different. Matt and Austin had this hair brained idea. The funny part was it actually worked.

After laughing hysterically at the two of them we sat on the front lawn talking til it got cold. It was a perfect day.


Quiltermama said...

you are was a perfect day to celebrate out risen LORD and to enjoy family...don't even think of not hosting again next year..i'll help

Matt said...

I look like something straight out of Mario Cart