Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Great Comb Disaster of 2010

We had a meeting to go to so Terry came over to watch the kids. After she left I went to tuck Emily in and turn off her light and I noticed this:
 Is that a comb in her hair?! I  looked closer.
 Yep! The girl had, apparently, started playing with a comb after she was in bed, got it stuck, couldn't get it out and went to sleep. Being a rat tail comb I didn't want to leave it in and have her poke herself in the night so the process of untangling it begun. I thought it would be fairly simple. Boy was I wrong! I'm not sure what she did but that comb was good and stuck. First Rob tried to do it without waking her up. That worked for a few minutes but all that tugging didn't go unnoticed by our girl.
How she got her hair wrapped around the comb like this I will never know.
 Before long we had her in our bed and Rob was bending the comb and pulling her poor hair trying to get it out. I just knew we were going to have to cut it out. She was so tired that she kept telling us to cut it so she could go back to bed. 

 He was able to break the comb in a few spots and get the hair off. It was a slow process but it was working.
 We even managed to get a few smiles out of her.
 An hour and many pieces later the comb was finally out. It took another half hour and a whole lot of de-tangler to get the tangles out. Lesson learned...hopefully.


Dionna said...

Oh my goodness! That thing was wrapped in good! Glad you didn't have to cut her hair.

chrisanna said...

Holy cow! How in the world did she manage that? She must have been having lots of fun with the comb. Poor girl, getting it out does not look like fun. She's such a trooper!

andrea said...

Oh my!! I can't believe you got that out without cutting her hair!