Thursday, February 3, 2011

Signs of Life

I was walking around the house today and a little frustrated at the amount of stuff that was all over. Then I started to think of them as signs of life. Sure it would be nice if the house was picked up all the time but I kind of like seeing the signs that people actually live here. Signs like:

Austin's clothes piled on the floor of the bathroom. I have to ask him to pick them up almost
every. single. afternoon.
 Emily's line of shoes along with her backpack and coat by the front door.
 This mountain of animals that she piled up sometime AFTER she went to bed.
Her shower buddies. A place for everyone and everyone in its place.
 The sports page left by the heater. Taylor sits here every day and reads the sports page while he warms up in the morning. 
 My dry erase board that Emily likes to draw notes on. She wrote the first line, I wrote the second and she wrote the third.
Austin's forms for lacrosse.
 Taylor's football that is almost never out of his sight.
Now, I've got crayons rolling around in the floorboard of my car

Bicycles all over my driveway, bats and balls all over my yard

And there's a plastic man from outer space sitting in my chair

The signs of life are everywhere
-Steven Curtis Chapman


Kelly said...

I started singing that song as soon as I saw your title! :) I love your dry erase board! Very cute!

Rob said...

Thats a great way to look at it. They do leave their little mark.