Saturday, February 26, 2011

Steve and Laura

This is Rob's cousin and his wife. Also known as Steve and Laura.
 And this is us.
 Rob and Steve have known each other for a long time. Actually their whole lives. We knew of them and would see them here and there at family functions but that was about it. Then around Christmas we were all at Rich and Steph's and decided we needed to get together just us adults. No kids.
We set a date to to hang out at Steve and Laura's and wouldn't you know...Rich and Steph couldn't find a babysitter. Rob and I had never hung out with S&L on our own and wondered if we should cancel and do it another night when we all could be there, because sometimes it's nice to have a buffer. We finally decided that S&L couldn't be all that bad so we kept our plans and made one of the best decisions of our lives. We spent that Saturday night and every Saturday night for the next six weeks with S&L. We watched football together, we played Rockband, we ate, we played Rockband, we laughed, Rob helped put together baby furniture, we played Rockband, we went shopping, we went to dinner and we played just a little more Rockband.
We have had the best time hanging out with these two(soon to be three!) and we are so happy that a couple months ago we took the leap and found out what great friends they are!
This is our night at Chandlers. Great food and great company!

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