Friday, March 18, 2011

The Almost Forgotten Argentina Posts: Part Two

The group ventured to La Cumbrecita today. It's a small German town nestled in the hills of Argentina about a two hour bus ride from Cordoba. Obviously we are in South America but we got to this village and you would have thought we were in Germany somewhere. There don't allow many cars in town so we had to walk down from the main road and walked into this.

We walked about a mile or so and came upon this waterfall. We didn't ahve a lot of time so we hung out here and took in the beautiful scenery. If I didn't know better I would have thought we were back in Idaho.

                                     They had to reinact a picture they took many moons ago.

We ate lunch at a restaurant in the village. We had an amazing panoramic view from high on a hill and great company to share it with.  One thing I learned pretty quickly is the food in Argentina is unbelievable!

They brought out the appetizers and they didn't look that great. Looks can be deceiving. One appetizer was sliced potatoes with a cream sauce and the other was like a potato soup with bacon and cheese rolled in a ball and deep fried. Holy smokes! I thought the four of us were going to come to blows trying to get every last morsel off the plates.

Then they brought out dessert. A crepe filled with dulce de leche and ice cream. I may or may not have licked the plate clean.

After lunch and a hike back to the bus we made the trek to another settlement. This one was an actual town. Big and touristy. But we were told they have the best apple streudel and best hot chocolate anywhere. We walked around and shopped for a an hour or so and then stopped in for an 'el submarino'. They take hot milk and sink a chocolate bar(the submarine) and let it melt. It is the richest, most decadent drink I have ever had. Pure joy.

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Melissa said...

No wonder I gained so much on that trip. The food was sooo amazing! Thanks for posting all these, it's fun to read through them months later :)