Thursday, March 3, 2011


**lacrosse is in full swing starting tonight. austin has a game at 5:30 and taylor has a team meeting at the same time. welcome to life with two kids in sports.

**rodger had surgery to remove his prostate yesterday. we went and saw him last night and he was doing reasonably well considering he had been cut open only a few hours before. we are so thankful that the cancer hadn't spread.

**i got sucked into 'the bachelor' this season. i'm not sure how it happened, all i know is that i have spent the last two days getting caught up. pathetic.

**we've all adjusted nicely to kya being gone. sadie went through a period of depression where she wouldn't eat or drink and she would just lay around. now that she is inside all the time and getting more attention than she knows what to do with i sometimes wonder if she's thinking "kya who?".

**i was going back through some old pictures today. these caught my eye and have me wondering where the time goes.

                                                                   austin and tay at the fair

my mom bought this dress for the baby of a friend of mine. i didn't know if we would have any more kids but i asked her to keep it in case i had a girl...
                                                      austin at about seven months old

                                                                 taylor was always a ham

emily grace...must have been about 18 months here

my boy. doesn't like to have his picture taken very often but i'm sure glad he took this one of himself.

taylor at the water park. we used to spend most of our summers there.


Kelly said...

I did not - DID NOT! - get caught up in the Bachelor this season! I was so proud of myself! Now let's see if I can hold out through the finale!

Those old pictures are so great! Sometimes I love going through old pictures and then sometimes it's a mean trick because I just don't remember them being so small!

NatalieJune said...

Jen I love that you put these pictures up. Sooo cute, why can't Austin be as lovey dovey as he was when a little guy?? Was I the same way entering my teen years? Sheesh!!

Rob said...

where did the time go? Are we old?

chrisanna said...

I love all the old pictures. But, I especially love the first one of Taylor and Austin on the swings. Oh my goodness, that's such a sweet picture! Thanks for sharing. Made me smile today. Oh and seeing the ones of Emily make me think of her and Kiki at that age. They were so cute together. Great memories!

Jared Wanzer Photography said...

love this!