Thursday, March 10, 2011

Say what?!

I get an email from my mom the other morning asking if I had gotten rid of my blog.
Ummmm no. What a weird question.
Then I went to my blog and all I see is "This blog has been removed..."
What?! Where did it go?
I didn't do anything to it.
I just looked at it yesterday and it was fine.
Then the panic set in.
Where are all my posts?
The yearS of documenting our lives were just gone.
I tried to contact google but all they do is send you to a glorified chat room to ask your question and hope you get an answer.
The answers I was getting as I read through the list were not making me feel any better.
**You have to appeal blogger.
**Only about 50% of blogs get restored.
**Most are deleted permanently.
My heart was sinking faster and faster.
When I tried to log in it said there had been some suspicious activity in my account.
"Give us your cell phone number, we will send you a code, enter it and your blog will be restored".
Badda bing badda boom done.
Only it still wasn't there.
I had to get the kids up for school and I tried not to think about it for the next hour.
As soon as they left I was back on the computer and...
It was back!
Guess what I did that day?
I went to Blog2Print and printed all three years.
In case you didn't know, you can pay $7.95 and get the pdf file sent to you and you can print it yourself instead of paying $50 for a ready made book.
And now I am at peace knowing that my blog will be around for years to come.

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Kimberly said...

I've thought about printing mine. When you scrapbook too though . . . it's hard to know if it's worth doing both. Maybe it takes thinking you've lost it! Glad you got it back. :)