Friday, July 20, 2012


this week has been a busy one.
and i have been less than productive after coming home from vacation.
while at the coast we had weather in the upper 60s, low 70s.
it was absolutely gorgeous!
then we came home to this.
 talk about a buzz kill.
all that sun made our veggies go wild while we were gone so we had to do some harvesting.
onions, zucchini and potatoes.
 rob is building himself a new and improved work bench in the garage.
we have a lowe's about a quarter mile away so we walk a lot.
we always forget that we have to carry the things home that we buy.
good thing he has a helper to carry that peg board.
she actually only made it another minute before mom had to take it :o)
 hailey was in the state softball tournament so we took in a game on saturday.
they kicked booty!
 sunday dinner was at our house.
rob put up the badminton set so we could play a few games.
mom and i won this one.
we won't talk about the rest.
i finally got my 'lucy's crab shack' fabric so i can make my table runner.
it was cheaper to buy a layer cake than to do separate fat quarters but that left me with 42 possible choices for my runner.
 i pondered and sorted and finally made a few scrap blocks instead.
 virtual high fives all around people!
did my first sock bun today.
 i have envied people who could do this for years.
had i known how easy it actually is my hair would have been ballerina-fied a long time ago.
 rob got hawk's ticket from work so we picked up mom and dad and headed to the ball park.
the crowd was small but the food, company and weather were awesome!
and they won!
 our little sadie is such a trooper.
emily has tried and tried to paint her toes but hasn't had any luck until now.
she was bound and determined to get that dog's nails pink.
 i don't drink hot coffee very much in the summer cause it makes me too hot.
thursday was an exception.
it was much needed.
 and that brings us to this final instafriday picture.
a friend of mine gave me this book and told me how good it was.
stephanie meyers of the twilight saga wrote it so i figured it had to be worth my time.
chapter one=weird
chapter two=ugh
chapter three=i am so done
i put the book down for about a month or so.
i go to see 'the hunger games' and one of the previews is for 'the host'.
i talk to my friend and she says to keep reading, so i do.
now i can't put it down.
619 pages of goodness and i can't get them read fast enough!

life rearranged

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Shelby@ My Perfectly Imperfect World said...

Your daughter trying to paint the dogs nails made me smile! I love all of your beach pictures on your header, my favorite place to be!!