Tuesday, July 17, 2012

first days

we left the hub bub of the city and headed due west. 
or south west if you want to get technical.
before long the noise of the city began to fade and we were surrounded by green.
upon arrival at our house i discovered our view.
now just imagine it without all those power lines.
we got settled then took a walk up the road to find beautiful cliffs and crashing waves.
the boys were exploring and climbing and, i have to admit, it gave me much anxiety.
i had to walk away.
other than the constant thought of my children falling into the churning sea we had a nice time.
it was a gorgeous day. i didn't even have to wear a jacket.

does this make you feel small?
it does me.
there is a song that says
Something about the ocean makes me rise up and praiseSomething about the heavens makes me stand in awe againSomething about the sunrise reminds me of Your faithfulnessSomething about the ocean and I'm lost in love again
the kids continued to play and explore.

there was a lot more "don't go down there!" and "stop running on the rocks!" and by the grace of god we all made it back to the house alive.

before we left, though, i got these two shots of austin.
i love them! 

the next morning we ventured to hidden beach. it's a place only accessible at low tide and this morning was the lowest tide of the week.
we got up bright and early and made it there by 9:00.
you have to keep walking around the cliffs. if you stop at the first tide pools you miss all of the stuff farther back.
the kids are running to that cliff waaaaay out there.
and when you get there is when you round it and keep going.
when we arrived the kids had loads of fun exploring the tide pools.
they found crabs, anemones, star fish and tons of mussels.

this cave gave me the creeps. at high tide it is completely under water.
the ocean is a marvelous thing,

another picture of me with my feet in the water.
but it's my favorite place to be so i think all these pictures are ok.

there must have been something great on that rock cause there are about fifteen star fish trying to get a piece of it.

the next two days we had were a little overcast so they were spent at the outlet mall and just relaxing. more adventures to come.

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