Monday, July 2, 2012

this week

...i had to buy my baby training bras. i told rob that i thought she would stay little forever. he said "you thought, i hoped". she's growing up way. too. fast.
...i took taylor, em and kiki with me to run errands and we all made it back alive. it especially says something about them considering i made them go to target, old navy and from one end of the mall to the other. and the other target. now they get to swim so that's a pretty good reward. july 4th. what is up with that?!it feels like the kids just got out of school! i do not love that it doesn't get hot until july.
...fourth of july means the melba parade and the smith's 4th of july extravaganza!
...we are going to the coast with rob's family. it's been several years since we've been so we are all excited! we are piling the car full of sand buckets, shovels, beach chairs and a good book for me. bring on the relaxation!

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