Friday, June 29, 2012

instafriday again?

Where has the last week gone? i feel like it was just friday and here we are again. i was doing my routine morning blog browse and when i got to kelly's i thought she was just a tad early on her post. after i thought for a second...or five...i realized that it was, indeed, that time of the week again.

but first to answer a question that i had from last week regarding the fluffer nutter.
all i can say is was ok.
i was expecting to be blown away but i was a little disappointed.
i even tried the second one per specific instructions.
bread, peanut butter, bananas and marshmallow fluff. put it all together and cook like a grilled cheese.
still not great.
i would much rather have a peanut butter and honey any day.

it's been a slow week. the kids have been at mom and dad's for a few days and, with just me here during the day, i forget to take pictures.

we did family pictures downtown so we decided to eat at fanci freeze. me and my girl were waiting for the guys to bring us our grub.

this is the dress that she picked for pictures. i took her with me because she is so picky about things being "uncomfortable".
she tried on several and decided that this was the one.
until she had it on for a couple of hours.
the elastic ruching was not making her very happy. it's probably wrong but she only wore it for two hours so i took it back. if i spend $16 on a dress she is going to wear it for the next year.

this guy and i celebrated our 17th anniversary on sunday.

cole is here for three weeks so he came over and the kids went swimming. they were like little fish.

tuesday we went to camels back park and hiked.
taylor has wanted to do the front climb for a while now and he finally did it this week.
we all did.
it's quite a trek up there but it's beautiful when you make it.
they were little troopers and hiked about 4 miles in all.

after the hike we went to ann morrison and fed the ducks for a while.
we picked a beautiful day to go and had a great time together.

life rearranged

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