Friday, June 22, 2012


well, i know it's only been a week but i am still loving my instagram.
here is what's been included since last time we talked.

the kids love them.
and i have no idea why.
rob keeps planting them and they keep eating them.
if i had to say one nice thing about a radish it would be that they are a great color.
just look at that pink!

 rob and the boys went backpacking last weekend so i grabbed what was left of the ruffles and watched a couple episodes of cheers before bed.
gotta love netflix. 

i've heard about the stuff for years.
the fluffer nutter sandwich and how awesome it is.
i found this at world market and for a buck 99 i had to give it a whirl.

 julie has spoken about this device several times.
actual blog posts have been dedicated to the ingeniusness of this pineapple slicer.
after cutting my first pineapple of the summer by hand i decided that, if this little gadget was worthy of a blog post, maybe i should take a closer look.
best. decision. ever.
for only $10 on amazon this beauty arrived on my doorstep and allowed me to cut this pineapple in a minute flat. 
twist it down, pull it out.
easy as pie!

sunday was father's day.
rob really wanted these beer glasses but sadly they didn't arrive on time.

father's day breakfast.

the kids at church were helping with worship this morning.
so great to see emily up there singing her heart out. 

an afternoon swim.

 about half a mile from our house is a snow cone shack.
the kids have been going for a couple weeks and the girls finally got me to go with them.
i think we will be frequenting 'the shack' a lot this summer.

i bought this table runner pattern  yesterday.
i'm a cheapskate and i thought about trying to figure it out on my own but for $3 it's worth getting the pattern.
now to just get my hands on that fabric...

this is my life.
scatterbrained and slightly unfocused.
i was ironing rob's shirts and i got distracted in the middle of it.
i woke up the next morning to a half ironed shirt, thankful that my iron shuts off on it own.

and finally one of me and my girl.

life rearranged


Kelly said...

Every time you post a pic on FB I want to comment on your lame Instagramness. :)

So what was your verdict on the Fluffernutter?

Jessica said...

I was also wondering what you thought about the fluffernutter! I JUST heard about those for the first time this week at VBS. We had to use marshmallow fluff for fruit dip (I was helping with snacks). I'm thinking I may have to try one out myself :)