Friday, June 15, 2012


when rob got me my new phone for my birthday i was super excited. 
i know it's childish and lame but i wanted to be one of those people that got to check out facebook while standing in the check out line at the grocery store.
or those people that laugh at youtube videos while they are wait to get their tires rotated.
super lame...i know.
rob saw how super lame i wanted to be and granted me my phone wish.
i was playing around with it sunday night checking out ring tones, going through apps, when it hit me!
i saw it!
i saw what everyone else had and i had always wanted!
did you hear the angels?
i'm not gonna lie. 
my stomach actually got butterflies.
this is what i had been waiting for.
i wanted to take pictures of my toenail polish.
i wanted to take pictures of what i am eating and my cup of coffee, then put that cool sepia tone on it and send it out so the world would know that i, too, could take a picture of  a flower!
love i tell you.
i was in love.

this week i am joining instafriday...because i can.
i was not great about taking pictures this week but i will get better.
here goes.
these are the things i came home with from the 'my favorite things' party i went to. 

emily has so many cute bags she could use. so many different colors and fabrics and sizes but she still continually grabs a plastic grocery sack to take her stuff in.
this is her pool bag.

one nice thing about having a lowe's close is we can walk to it.
and we do. a lot.
this day emily and jake wanted to skate along with me.

happy hour at sonic.
jen, grayson, emily and me.

life rearranged


Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Isn't instagram awesome?! I was so excited about it when I got my phone last August. Now I'm addicted! ;)

Stopping by from InstaFriday!

Kelly said...

I get the lameness. I so desperately want a smart phone and mostly for Instagram.