Wednesday, June 6, 2012

yard sale heaven

my parent's sub division had their neighborhood sale last weekend. my mom and i got up bright and early to start the hunt at 8:00 sharp. there was a house across the street from her that looked good so we started there and at that great sale i got everything in this picture for $3!!!
let me explain.
first thing i saw when we walked up was this vintage ashtray with a $1 sticker.
turned around and saw this tricycle and, again, another $1 sticker.
my eyes are darting around looking for anything i can find that i can't live without.
i see fabric, i see books, i see a giant metal tub, i see dishes.
mom and i looked through the fabric and took some really cute stuff but i kept eyeing this tub.
past experience says i don't even want to ask how much it is, for fear of choking, so i pay my two dollars and we go to leave. 
my mom is a house down and i just have to ask about the tub so i run back and ask.
the guy says $1!
after a questioning look from the woman he was sharing the space with he says "i don't need it...a dollar!"
past experience was right. 
i was definitely choking, and it was from the price.
this is a comparison.
the smaller tub inside was one i picked up last summer for $20 and that was a good deal.
side by side.
my $20 rusty, used tub on the left, my $1 hardly used, pretty tub on the right.
so happy!
my mom and i went back later to see if we had missed anything, and i picked up this fabric and these beautiful gingher pinking shears for $10!
i thought the fabric would make great pieces for quilt backings and at $1 a piece, some of them with 2-3 yards of fabric, i thought it was another great deal!
we made ourselves stay home after this stop. 
i could also tell you that i got a plastic dog food bowl for 50 cents but it wouldn't make you as happy would it? 
me either.

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Kelly said...

We are junking soul mates. We must go together sometime!

I bought a giant tub at a yard sale for a steal last summer. I can't remember exactly but it was either $3 or $5. It's currently in our living room holding blankets but I can't promise it will stay there forever.
I've wanted a square washtub forever and finally found one for a decent(ish) price last weekend. I still don't know exactly what I'm going to use it for but I love it! :)