Monday, July 16, 2012

on our way

we started our trip all smiles...just the way it should be. 
the car was loaded with snacks, ipods, laptops and pillows.
oregon coast or bust!
this day would only take us as far as portland cause we had some friends to visit.
 mt. hood

we stayed the night just outside of portland so we could spend the evening with the whiteheads.
this is where they lived before they moved to boise so they took us on a tour.
we started with dinner at their favorite mexican place and then we walked to the lake.
lake oswego.
it was stunning.

i only had my phone so the pictures aren't great but it was one of the most picturesque places i have ever seen.
it looked like it was straight out of a movie set.
surrounding this private lake are the best houses. everything from sweet little cottages to over the top italian villas with boat garages.
they took us on a drive around the whole lake, showed us their old houses and ended the evening at terry's parent's for smores.
i was touched that they wanted to share this with us and it was so fun listening to lori as she walked down memory lane.
what a great night!

the following day we wanted to show the kids a little bit of downtown portland.
walking down the street we came to a vintage store and i couldn't believe my eyes.
that phone!
my grandma had the exact phone when i was growing up.
so many memories.
had it not been $42 i would have bought it in memory of her. instead, i have picture.
and also the knowledge that she has great taste.

we also ventured into the moonstruck chocolate company.
they have the cutest truffles in the shapes of animals, ice cream cones and fruit.
taylor got a zebra and em got a cat.
i'm not a big chocolate fan but they sure were fun to look at. 

and last but not least, this is lori.
i think it's the only picture we got together.
and of course it was taken in the parking lot at the burger place where we ate.
well, i ate onion rings but that's a different story.
it was so good to see them and i look forward to seeing her again soon. I hope.
now, onto the coast!

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Lorilu said...

Oh dear! Not a great photo but a great visit! Thanks for taking an extra day to see us.