Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Church

We had a short but fAnTaStIc visit to Oklahoma to celebrate the wedding of Renee and Jeremy. Some of my memories are...

--introducing my dad to an ipod. he loved it and it entertained him on more than one occasion this trip.

--renee's personal shower. I was so glad we were able to be there. we had so much fun. all of us girls laughing at some of the stuff she got, then trying to talk the theater owner to give us a special showing of mamma mia.

--getting a tour of some of the area in town taken out by the tornado. when it first touched down it was about 1/2 a mile from my aunt and uncle's house. it missed their house by one block but hit their office where my uncle was down in the cellar. he only had five pictures left on his camera but he got three amazing ones of it.

--having nine people crammed into a two bedroom, one bath house. good times.

-rearranging said house so we could fit all of us in there.

--not having a bathtub or bathroom sink for the first night and morning. did i mention it's an old house?

--trying to go down in to the storm cellar. i made it to the bottom of the stairs then looked up and saw spiders on the ceiling and couldn't go any further.

--decorating most of the day on friday.

--the rehearsal dinner and rehearsal on friday night.

--my mom, aunt and cousin teaching me the cotton eyed joe in the living room. it was one of the songs they had on their reception play list. sadly after all that practice it was never played. we had some laughs though.
**that video is the closest thing i could find to what they were teaching me. sorry about the dorky guys :o)**

--the big day.

--meeting jared. hi jared! he said he reads my blog :o)

--her something blue. how fabulous is that?

--dancing with the groom. the story goes...we were sitting in the brides room after the ceremony. they were eating and becca and i were waiting to tell the deejay they were ready to come out. they did a dance where they dance for about 30 seconds then each of them would go pick someone to dance with. jeremy said "who am i supposed to pick?" and renee said "pick jenny". I replied "no no no noooo. that's quite alright. pick somebody else." he said "no, i'll pick you" to which i replied again "no no no noooo". i was hoping that when the time came he would pass me by, and he did for the first change up but come the second one he came right up to me. I went out there and said "i can't dance". he said "sure you can. it's two steps forward and one step back." ok, i guess i can do that. and it wasn't that bad.

--doing the cupid shuffle. even my mom got out there.

--my mom dancing to "i'm too sexy".

--boogiein' the night away.

--hanging out with becca.

--cleaning up after the wedding. there was a bottle of champagne on the cake table and did a napoleon dynamite with it not thinking that it would come spewing out my mouth. it did. what a laugh.

--eating at zio's. yum yum!

--shopping at the mall for a few hours till we had to head to the airport. picking up several good deals at dillards.

--a very late flight home.


jen k said...

Sounds like a fun trip!! I love weddings. Glad you guys had a great time!

Meg said...

Ya, we're pretty excited!!! We have had the home inspection done and nothing terrible is wrong with the house. The appraiser will be there hopefully tomorrow. Interest rates have continued to drop this week (praise the Lord!). The only thing left to do, I believe, it get insurance! how exciting!!! :) We'd love to have you guys! :)

andrea said...

The grooms hand looks like it's awfully close to your bum ;)

Glad you had a good trip!

SPARKY said...

love the boob cake. classic. i had chocolate shaped boobs in belgium. it's amazing what people can come up with!!

jaredwanzerphotography said...

It was great to meet you too!!
what a great day it was!