Wednesday, September 3, 2008

real quick

emily and i are flying to oklahoma tomorrow for my cousins wedding. i have to do the following things before we get to the airport at 6 am:

*finish a love album

*print out the wedding programs

yes, for those of you jay leno fans, it is the 'church-bell' wedding.
*try to finish a power point video. not sure that is going to happen.
*make a pot pie so the boys don't starve
*finish at least 5 loads of laundry
*pack for both of us
*pick up the house
*color my hair. steph is going to do it for me today. yikes! never done an at home job before.
*finish the guest book.
i'm sure there's more so i better get off the computer and get to it.


sara b said...

Now that is a lot to get done! I will be praying you to have a safe trip and get your stuff done :)

chrisanna said...

Holy cow, you have lots to do. I didn't know you were going to Oklahoma. Have fun. I love weddings. The programs look great.

sam said...

wow! hope you got it all done!! :) enjoy your trip....

SPARKY said...

love this invite.