Saturday, September 13, 2008

One of 'those' posts

Today has been a busy Saturday. Rich and Steph came over for breakfast which is something we never think about doing. I made a fabulous Rachael Ray dish...blueberry scones with melted peaches. Yum. We also had breakfast pizzas. I made some yesterday and added eggs, a few mushrooms and even a sprinkling of milled flax seed for good measure and they tasted just as good as they do without that stuff. And they were a little healthier than just sausage and processed cheese. After they left I cleaned our bathroom because it was disgusting and then headed to a sewing bee put on by Kelly and Andrea.

I was a little nervous about going since
#1-I don't know Kelly or Andrea very well
#2-I didn't know anyone else going
#3-It was someplace I've never been
All that said I was so glad I went. I made these towels and I love them. They were so easy. I did have a little trouble finding everyone but once i did all was good. They put so much time into the bee and I want to say a huge thank you to both of them. They made cute door prizes, like this pincushion, that I was lucky enough to receive and I also walked away with a Sonic gift card and a full tummy. I cannot wait to do another one.

Tonight Rob wanted to host a tailgate party for the BSU game so he spent the afternoon getting stuff ready. Finally a party that I don't have to plan.
I ordered three scrabble pendants from etsy a couple weeks ago. lOvE tHeM! I saw them on Andrea's blog and knew I had to have some.
Cute huh? And they are every bit as cute in person as they are in the pictures.
Etsy has the coolest stuff.

I started bunko again last Monday. There were only eight of us that showed up so we only played two tables. But boy was it fun. I would be in the -rarely to never win- category but I just love getting together every month to visit with those women.
I posted this picture a couple weeks ago. They are the colors I want to do in Em's room. I really want to do the pink on her walls but don't know exactly how. She has a chair rail about 1/3 of the way up her walls so do I do the dark pink on the bottom and another coordinating color on top OR do the pink on the top? I wish I was good at this.

Steph and I got together and made salsa this week. That's our new thing. Making stuff to can. I never knew storing stuff away could be so much fun. We made the Hines' hot hiney salsa. Apparently if you eat too much that's what you get.

I also went last week and bought a half bushel of peaches from a local garden. I came home and proceeded to spend the next two hours peeling and bagging peaches to freeze. I got 10 bags full which doesn't sound like a lot but they each have a quart of peaches. That equals 40 cups of peaches. It was a bit of a task but being able to grab some peaches out of the freezer last night for breakfast today was so worth it. I am thinking about getting some more before they are out of season. Maybe apples too.

Is this not the greatest idea from the fabulous Joanna Bolick. They bought a whiskey barrel and let their rain gutters run into it. They have a spigot on it so they can hook up a hose and use it for watering plants.
Love this idea. I want three of them. One at each spout.
I guess that is about all I have for now.


andrea said...

I really wanted to go to the sewing bee today but the day was just too busy and other things had to take priority. Glad you went and had fun though!! Your dish rags turned out so cute.

Love those pendants! Those are fun huh? I probably wear my too much :)

Dionna said...

Getting some scrabble pendants is on my list of "to do's." :) And we have mexican strawberry pots at the end of our chains for excess water to run into. I like it.

Angela said...

I got some of those scrabble pendants too! They are so cute, love them! I really want to learn to sew. Glad you had fun at the sewing bee. :)

sam said...

what a fun post to read!! so much to think about now... :) i've wanted to freeze some fruit before the summer's over. a few years ago, my sisters and i bought boxes of apples and spent a day making dozens of bags of apple filling. then during the winter, we'd pull out the bag and make apple pie or apple crisp, etc. it was so nice and much more realistic to just "throw" in. :) so how exactly do you freeze peaches? do you have to add something?

Kelly said...

I'm so glad you came and had fun on Saturday. I was a little nervous about the mix of people coming but I think it worked out. We're excited to do it again. We're thinking the second weekend in November so keep it open. :)
Isn't canning so much fun? I love it! It makes me happy to be able to walk right past the jam or applesauce at the store and know I have the really good stuff at home. I do need to run out and get some peaches soon too. Wait until the end of this month or the beginning of October to get apples. That's when they're the best.

SPARKY said...

it's SO cute. i really want to go to the next one. i should probably practice though between now and then.

jen k said...

The sewing bee sounds like lots of fun! I love the towels you made. The pendants you ordered are adorable too!! Last year I painted Abby's room a hot pink w/green and I love it. The funny thing is that I copied it from somewhere and they showed it with pink and orange. So you should go for it!! It's online somewhere...maybe I can find it?!