Thursday, October 2, 2008

Getting back in the groove

It's always hard after being gone. I always have a great time when we are out of town but getting back in the groove is hard. There is always a huge pile of laundry, unpacking and catching up with the kids. Lots of things to do but I am wading through them slowly. The laundry is almost caught up, the bags are unpacked(even though the suitcases are still out) and the kids haven't stopped talking since we got home.

Since the kids don't have school today or tomorrow they were farmed out all over town. Austin is at Taylor's, Emily is at my parents and Tay is with me. He was such a good sport to tag along with me to the grocery store. I am doing another meal exchange so I had to get the rest of my ingredients. To make it up to him we went to Sonic for lunch and got a couple movies at Redbox. That seemed to do the trick. We came home and ate and then I spent the next couple hours working on my first meal. Corn chowder. It is the perfect cold weather dish but after making eight meals worth I don't want to eat it for a while.

I wrenched my back yesterday. Chrisanna and I took down a white board at church and carried it to storage. I must be really out of shape because when I got home the left side of it hurt. I went to Fred Meyer and at one point didn't think I would be able to make it back to the car. because it hurt so much to pick up my left leg. Seriously. How lame is that. I did make it to my car but it hurt all night and a little today. I can feel the pain just trying to come back. Goody.

While I was at Fred Meyer I picked up some hair color so Steph and I could play salon. I have only had Abby color my hair (minus the one time I got it cut and colored in Florida and had to have several inches cut off my hair to fix it) so I was a little nervous. But lo and behold it turned out great. It's definitely not a salon job but for $3.49 plus tax it couldn't have turned out better. So that's what's happening here. What's going on with you?


Matt said...

I was wondering if you could pick out a good color for me that matches my eyes. They change colors so it will have to go with either a light brown or a light green. Oh by the way you are the first to know that I won the $100,000 dollar lottery...or at least I thought I had until I heard my alarm clock. Stupid thing, I need to get it fixed.

Meg said...

What color did you end up doing?? I need to do mine again sometime in the next month. Mine is growing out. Its funny how dull my natural hair color is compared to the rich, mahogany that I have used several times now.

jen k said...

You're so brave. I've always wanted to color my hair out of box but I am too chicken!! let's see a pic of your new do! :)