Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tag...I'm it

Erin tagged me and even though I really should be working on The Quilt I am going to do this anyway. 6 things about moi.

1-I cannot and/or will not drink leftover milk from my cereal. By the time I'm done eating it is a little too warm for me and the thought of drinking it makes me want to gag.

2-The toilet paper has to come over the top of the roll. It's so hard to find it when it comes from the bottom. There are those(mom) who would strongly disagree, but in my house that's the way it is.

3-If I ever won the lottery, and I mean the big time lottery, I would buy myself an island in the Caribbean to sun bathe, swim and sail my life away.

4-I. Love. Disneyland. I know it's commercial and there are too many whiny kids and it's expensive but get past all that and it is a magical place. I hadn't been in about 10 years when Rob and I took the kids two years ago. I had forgotten how great it was and why I loved it so much but get a few steps inside those gates and it hits you. Magic.

5-My grandma and grandpa gave me my great great grandmothers wedding band when I got married. The inscription inside says "Albert to Minnie Oct. 8/'98". 1898. It is 110 years old. I love the history of it. I love that she wrote out the story of the two of them and even how they both died. I love that ring.

and finally
6-I hate hotel beds. Why o why do they have to tuck the stinkin sheets in so tight?! I lay there and it makes me so mad that I have to physically get up and untuck the sheets just so my feet can move. So annoying.

Just for kicks and grins I tag Kelly, Jen and Alisha.


Dionna said...

I'm with you on Disneyland. Love that place.
Your ring sounds like such a treasure. Would love to see it sometime!

Alisha Beverly said...

Some ways we are alike...

I totally won't drink leftover ceral milk! In fact it grosses me out so bad that when I see people doing it, I have to turn the other way or I start dry heaving.

I so have to have the toliet paper over the top. It doesn't make any sense coming from the bottom!

And...I too have to un tuck hotel bed sheets. I feel trapped in if I don't!

Erin Boyle said...

So fun that you were willing to play our silly little game! Thanks!
I am so with you on the cereal milk...yuck!
Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth! We did a disney cruise last year and it was even more amazing. If you have ever thought of one DO IT!!

Rob said...

You ladies are nuts! The milk after your cereal is the best. All the sugar that has been soaked off the cereal and remains totally goes to waste if you don't drink the milk.