Friday, October 17, 2008

Jumpin' and where'd you get that 'tude?

Emily was jumping rope last night and she was crackin me up because she would not close her mouth.

And this kid...

is about to drive me to drink. He turned 13 and developed an attitude overnight. I have never in my 13 years of raising him had to talk to him about his attitude as much as I have this week. Every night he is trying me on something else. And that mouth. Sheesh. I've decided the terrible twos are nothing. We should lose sleep over the terrible teens. And I'm tired already.


Matt said...

Good news Jen...You have just started on your first and you have two more in trail. lol. Just tell him that if he doesn't start to behave his Uncle will come and sit on him.

Side note: I have started to put on my winter weight. It's cold here remember

Kelly said...

Oh no! Please don't tell me it gets worse. Garrett's attitude took a horrible turn when he started first grade. We finally have it under control - I think - I don't want to think about him being a teenager. I'm glad you're paving the way. :)

Dionna said...

Emily looks so cute in that green! Love the open mouth.
Sorry about Austin - hang in there.

SPARKY said...

i'm sorry. i've got my hands with my own sassy pants. just keep on keepin on.
i've got an idea. spank him. tell him if he's going to talk to you with disrespect like some untrained two year old, then he gets disciplined the same way. i bet he'll change his attitude reall quick! or just sick rob on him every time he backtalks to you. he'll come around.

andrea said...

Time can freeze now! I am scared for the teenage years. I hope the next 8 years go by really slow :)

Those pics of Emily crack me up!