Monday, October 27, 2008

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traditions and birthdays

every year the girls on rob's side of the family get together for craft day. this year the girls wanted to bag crafting and go shopping instead. we started out with lunch at grandma reed's then headed out. we went to several stores and i managed to find a few things i couldn't live without including a dining room table that i must show rob. after shopping we went to my second cousins 1st birthday party. make sense? it's hard to believe that only a year ago we were at the hospital awaiting his arrival and all too soon we are celebrating his first year. time, please slow down. i took my camera to get pictures of these occasions but i had a water bottle in my purse and all 24 ounces ended up at the bottom of it. i was terrified that my four month old camera was kapoot but thank the lord above it is dried out and fine.


pumpkin carving extravaganza

rich and steph started a tradition last year to have pumpkin carving at their house the sunday before halloween. the whole hines/smith clan arrive invade their house and spend the evening carving pumpkins, eating, laughing, and having a good time. all of our pumpkins turned out crappy this year. i made an owl and the whole face fell out. em made a flower and hers got demolished on the way home and fell out. rob made a spider and his, too, got roughed up on the way home and the spider is almost all the way out. taylor demolished his by carving both sides and basically it looks like two big holes. the only one that looks good is austin's and that only because he didn't carve his. it still looks brand new. our jack o' lanterns look pretty sad on our front porch. these are all the pumpkins together. they don't look half bad from far away.


learning to fly

austin has had a thing for flying for a long time. matt has too. he is in the process of finishing up air traffic controller school and as part of that is getting his private license. for austin's birthday he got him a flight with a friend of ours, tim, who owns jet stream aviation. i really wanted to go with austin but he wanted rob to go with him, and he graciously allowed taylor to tag along too. today was the big day and tim did an outstanding job. when we got to the plane he told austin that he was going to let him sit in the pilot seat and help fly the plane. austin was in heaven and scared to death at the same time. i watched as they all got strapped in and ready to go and was jealous that i wasn't in there but so happy that they got to go together. they had a great flight and austin has been bit by the flying bug. tim said that if we wanted to get him a flight log book he would log this in as his first flight since he helped with the taxiing, take off, flying and landing the plane. so, so cool.


chrisanna said...

Oh my goodness, that plane looks tiny. Kind of scares me a bit. But how awesome for Austin. What a great gift. And I think the pumpkins look pretty good in the picture.

Kelly said...

That's awesome! What a great gift!

I think your pumpkins look good. You should see ours. The boys freehanded them...yikes! :)

Matt said...

Looks like the men in your life had lots of fun. But seriously no danger zone theme music? No Maverick and Goose comments? Jen, Jen, Jen, I have so much to teach you. On a side note you should ask Rob about the time I took him up and we were doing stalls. He can probably recall the death grip both of us had while the stage check pilot was doing the demonstrations.

SPARKY said...

that is so cool. i'm so glad austin loved it. followin in his uncles footsteps eh?
thanks for the picture. now i just need all the rest that you took:O)

Alisha Beverly said...

That's so cool that Austin got to help fly the plane. Its great that he has such a passion early on in life.

Quiltermama said...

ok jen, now you may get to feel that silly little fear that creeps in everytime i know that my boy is up in the air!yikes! how fun for all the guys!

Erin Boyle said...

What a fun week you had! That was such a fun post to read!!

Rich Smith said...

Take a ride into the Danger Zone!
how is that matt.
Cool gift. I know he will always remember that.

Andrea said...

Wow! What an awesome gift for Austin. That's cool.

I think your pumpkins look great! Too bad they all fell apart.