Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birth and Election Day.

The birthday greetings go to my much older brother. He turns 35 today! Yikes! That means I am only eight years from it.

OK five.

Fine! Two and half. Happy?

I also want to wish everyone a happy election day. It has been a long time coming and I want this day to be over with. I want some closure. I want to know what our country is in for over the next four years. And I want to stop seeing political commercials and debates every time I turn the TV on. Enough already!

Last night on the way home from a fun filled trip to the store as a family (remind me to do that again soon and please read with as much sarcasm as you can muster) Taylor was having a smart mouth. I told him if he didn't be quiet he was going to get hot sauce when we got home.
**disclaimer-- No I don't shovel hot sauce in my kids mouths every time they are sassy. Taylor has only gotten it twice in his whole life and Emily once. But it works because when I tell them they are going to get it they close the mouth.**

It was red ribbon week last week so they were learning a lot about drugs.

Taylor says, "I don't even know why you would give me that, mom. Hot sauce is a drug."

I am a little confused about what he is saying. "What do you mean" says I.

"It's called TOBACCO, moooom."

Oh yeah. We got a big kick out of that one. Try explaining to a tired eight year old that it is called Tabasco not tobacco.


SPARKY said...

aaahhh. i'm laughing and sighing out loud. that's freaking awesome. i just love your kids. they really do say some funny things. thanks for sharing. oh and btw...i'm 100% with ya. let this day be over. i'm excited to see what happens and SO greatful so many people are taking so much interest. but i'm ready to see the results too!

Alisha Beverly said...

That's great! I'll have to remember that hot sauce trick for my kids when they mouth off to us!

Dionna said...

That's funny. Love how kids get names mixed up!

Oh yah - and I'm 37 which is not THAT old so don't you be whining that you only have a couple years till 35.

jen k said...

That's hilarious what Taylor said!! Too cute.

chrisanna said...

Happy Election Day to you too! I got my voting done early and surprisingly didn't have to wait in any lines at all. It was so quick and easy. I love your story about Taylor. That is so hilarious! You really shouldn't be giving your kids Tobacco Sauce. he.he. :)

Quiltermama said...

too funny! wait til you get a note from school about the drugs you force on your kids.
i'm done with elections too! now we will let God take over.

Matt said...

I am not sure if hot sauce even works, just ask Jarett. He got hot sauce too many times to count and now he loves the stuff.