Monday, November 17, 2008

Let the Christmas shopping begin

I feel like that is all I did this weekend. Friday Rich was doing an open house for some adorable town homes he is listing. As part of the open house they had a bazaar set up so Steph went down to see if it was any good. She said it was and I should go down. They had tons of cute stuff and I ended up getting a couple gifts which made my trek there worth it.

Saturday my neighbor Judy told me Graples was having their annual Christmas open house. They have so much cute stuff that it was hard to be good. I grabbed just about everything that I thought I might want just so I would have it then before we checked out I went through it all and narrowed it down. I ended up only spending a little over $20 which is a little sad but I couldn't justify spending more money on things that we don't need right now. I also had to take into consideration that that evening was the Craft Warehouse open house that we were also going to. My mom and aunt joined us and we spent about 3 hours strolling around the store. I was good there too and only spent $33. I didn't really need anything but I got a picture frame that was 40% off, Yankee Christmas votives, some fall things and a couple other misc. things.

Sunday we had to run by Fred Meyer to grab some candy($1.88 a bag for Hershey's candy with Fred Meyer coupon and the newspaper had a coupon for $1.50 off when you buy three bags just in case you need to stock up for Christmas) and while we were there we decided to look around for a few minutes. I got Steph a birthday present that I know she will LOVE so it made that trip worth it too. That and the candy that is filling my cupboards.

Today I was up and out the door by 8:50. On my list was Target for items to fill up our shoe boxes, which I got, but I also got Emily two velour outfits for a little over $5 a piece ,a Christmas gift and some flannel sheets for Austin, Toys R Us for Littlest Pet Shop sets(they have them buy two get one free) and Walgreens for my weekly deals(they have great deals on stocking stuffer candies this week...39 cents each). I did it all and was back home with time to spare before Emily got here.

I have been working on my advent calendar and am about 95% done with the pockets. I need to finish them so I can sew them on this week. I also have the list of activities and things I am going to put in each pocket. It took some time to come up with them but I think they are good and the kids will love them. The most difficult activity is cutting down our own Christmas tree. It sounds like fun but I need to find out where the best place to go is. I don't want some sad Charlie Brown tree. If you have any suggestions I'm all ears.

I am thinking about putting our chrismtas decorations out this week. It doesn't feel like christmas but if I wait until after thanksgiving we will only ahve them up for four weeks. Hardly seems worth the trouble's a thought I'm kicking around.


Alisha Beverly said...

I was thinking about putting my Christmas decorations up too! I really hate it, but once they are up, I love them! And its such a short time that they are up it would be nice to enjoy them for longer. So you have my vote to do it at your house!

SPARKY said...

how come i never get an invite to your shopping sprees? my feelings are totally hurt! :O)
some how you find the best deals. i'll stop and take a look at walgreens. thanks for the heads up.
btw...there's a christmas tree farm off state street that has all kinds of trees, any size, you cut down, for 30.00. AND you don't have to worry about the drive costing you another 20. we're probably going there. if you want expert advice, i recommend talking to ryan rowedder. he's always cut down their tree...i think, so he'll know the best places to go.

let me know if you want more info

Matt said...

Make sure you take something to cut down the christmas tree with or you will end up with a Griswold Tree.

Clark, Audrey's frozen from the waist down.

That's all part of the experience, honey.

Watch opening scene of Christmas Vacation for movie references, or talk to Rich...he can explain it

andrea said...

I got a huge amount of c. shopping done last weekend too. Feels so good!

Can't wait to see your advent calendar