Sunday, November 30, 2008


We have had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. We started off at Grandma and Grandpa Reed's for the Thanksgiving meal. She was so excited to have us there and we had a great time stuffing our bellies with yummy food and playing a hilarious game of catch phrase. Grandma and Grandpa are terrible clue givers. Grandpa kept trying to do the categories, like for 'plants and animals' he kept saying "daffodils and dogs..daffodils and dogs!" instead of pushing the button to get the actual word he was supposed to be doing and poor grandma just had a heck of a time but we laughed so hard and I am so glad we went. After we left the Reed's Rodger and Terry and all of us went to Rich and Steph's to hang out. We took over Fred Clause to watch but that's hard to do with four kids in the same room so we mostly sat around and chatted. A terrific ending to a terrific day.

Friday morning my mom and I got up bright and early and headed out for some shopping. I didn't see any great deals in the ads but it's our tradition to go so we couldn't stay home. We started at Macy's and found a few good deals then to the Blue and Orange store where they had no good deals, unless you wanted an ugly fiesta bowl hat for $1, which I didn't and to the Children's place where everything was 20% off. I went a little crazy on accessories for Em. My absolute favorite purchase from there were fingerless gloves. They are adorable. I wish we would've gone downstairs because I missed Pottery Barn and the Disney Store. It was early and I wasn't thinking. Oh well. We then made our way to Target and my mom and I got the last two portable DVD players they had on special. I didn't go there for that because I figured they would be gone but I asked and the guy took me and they had one left. I got it and was telling my mom what it was. She said she wanted one but I told her I got the last one they had. Just then the same guy walks by with a single screen player in one hand and a two screen in his other and says "Were you the one that was wanting this?" and I said "no, but I'll take that one" and ,voila, my mom had her portable DVD player. After Target we went to Cost Plus and Fred Meyer. The sock deals aren't really great at Fred Meyer but I did find several multi pair sock packages that were a very good deal at half price. My mom and I had both been sick so we decided to call it a day about noon. That sounds early but when you think we'd been out since 5:30 we definitely put our time in. We got home and my mom was supposed to be taking Emily home with her but Rob and the kids weren't there. Rob left his cell phone at Rich and Steph's so I couldn't get a hold of him. To pass the time we went to Walgreens to pick up a few deals.

Friday afternoon Terry wanted to do a thanksgiving meal of her own so we went there to eat more food and watch the BSU/Fresno game. It was a great game and another wonderful meal. I definitely got my turkey/mashed potato/stuffing fill this Thanksgiving.

Yesterday I started sewing my pockets onto my advent calendar. It is looking so cute. I love it! I also had plans to meet up with Steph and Erin, while she was in town, for coffee and a little shopping. She took us to this great out of the way place that is Graples-esque but a little cheaper. It was a fun couple of hours spent hanging with those girls. When I got home there, sitting in my dining room, was my new table. Rob had paid it off and brought it home while I was gone. I was so happy to walk in and see it sitting there so pretty. I was not happy to see our ugly dining room chairs with it. I didn't think they would look as bad as they do. I may be thrift store shopping sooner than I think so please excuse the ugly chairs and the candle holder with only two candles.

Since we had a busy weekend I wanted to go to church Saturday night so we could just relax Sunday. Rob agreed and we went to church with about 50 other people. Not the larger crowd it usually is but the sermon was a good one on being grateful. On the way home we made a side trip to Cabelas, grabbed Wendy's for dinner and watched The Holiday to end another good day.

And that brings me to Sunday. As I sit here in my bathrobe, coffee cup next to me, I am overwhelmed with all the things I have to be grateful for. A house, two cars, good health, food and a family that loves us to name a just a few. We are so blessed. Now, with nothing planned for the day, I am off to finish my calendar and feed my coupon obsession.


SPARKY said...

GREAT POST! i'll make sure to document my weekend too. it was fun hanging out with you guys so much this weekend. enjoy your day off and i'll see you soon!

SPARKY said...

oh jeez. btw... i totally love your new table. someone you know has good taste to push you to buy that! :O) ok, so there wasn't much pushing needed. what a steal. can't wait to see it with new chairs

Erin Boyle said...

Such a beautiful new table!! Love it!
Thanks for taking the time during a really busy weekend to hang out! I had such a great time with you and Steph!
Love Erin

fab5 said...

love the table! where is the new graple type place?

jen k said...

Sounds like a nice holiday weekend! Your table looks great. You must be so excited!!