Thursday, November 20, 2008

sing...sing a song

I joined choir again. I have always loved singing but am on the bashful side so never really did anything with it. I was in choir about five years ago but with three small children and the youth ministry I just ran out of time for it so I quit. Since I'm not really doing anything else I talked to Steph about it a while back. She kept telling me I should join and I wanted to but then the shyness would creep in and I wouldn't. She finally talked to Doug for me (gotta love her) and before I knew it I was in.

Last night was my first practice. I was on my way when she called and said she wasn't feeling well so she was going to turn around and go home. What?! Are you kidding me?! Oh no! Maybe I'm not feeling well either. stomach is definitely having issues. Then I told myself to buck up. It's not like I don't know anybody there. It was a little nerve racking walking in the room and trying to figure out where I fit in but it was good for me. She got me most of the way there but I had to get myself to the finish.

The Christmas program is only three weeks away so they practiced that first. I don't know the songs so I just listened. Then they practiced what they are doing for Sunday. First they practice in the modular then they go to the auditorium to get their places set and run through the songs a couple times. I was just going to watch when Doug said something about me finding my place for Sunday. Wait! You want me to sing...on stage...mic in hand...this weekend? As in three days away? Talk about jumping in with both feet! It's not like I don't know the songs. I have heard them all before. But I always had the words in front of me. If I'm up there I have to know all of the words.

Can I confess something? I am one of those people that makes fun, usually to myself but occasionally to Rob, of those people who are on stage and don't know the song. They are up there singing away but their lips aren't matching anything that is being sung. It looks ridiculous and I just want to say either learn the song or don't go up there. It's just not good.

So, that being said, I know there are others out there like me and I would prefer not to be the one they are snickering at. So I got a CD and listened to it on the way home last night and in the shower this morning. I will probably be listening to it all day for the next three days just to make sure I have all the words down. Then, just when I think I do, I will get up on the stage and forget all of them and then still end up looking like a fool.

Wish me luck. Only two days to go.


SPARKY said...

you are sooo cute! way to hang in there. you'll be so blessed that you did. iknow you're going to love it once you get to know everyone a little better. it's like a big family!
oh, and you don't actually have to know the words by memory. they are on a screen that is projected at the back so you can always glance at it!!!! but if it makes you feel better, i'll snicker at you and then you don't have to worry about anyone else doing it:O)
so glad you joined. it'll be that much better when we sing!
oh and good for you for jumping in this weekend. but you know you could've told him no :O)

Alisha Beverly said...

I'm proud of you! That's awesome!

But don't worry, if you forget any words, just look up at wall thats at the back of the auditorium by the crows nest. Everything that's projected on the stage screens are projected on that screen.

I can't wait to see all the new faces in choir this weekend. I love it!

jen k said...

I'm sure you'll do great!! Have fun and don't stress. :)

Dionna said...

Oh - that's great, Jen! I love to sing too but with my allergies here in Idaho I'm always coughing and clearing my throat. Plus - after years of not doing a choir thing it's amazing how you DO get shy up in front of people.
You'll be great. It'll be fun to watch and sing along with ya.

andrea said...

Oh I can't wait to watch you whistle and hum to old church songs...oh wait, that was last time. :D Don't forget you'll have a cheat sheet on the back wall. You'll do just fine. Just relax and have fun!!

Quiltermama said...

I did it long ago in ladies praise and it wasn't even dark, i was always scared. you'll do fine, i won't laugh.

Erin Boyle said...

Oh I am so excited for you! And proud of you...way to do something out of your comfort zone! You are going to do beautifully!

Kimberly said...

You rock Jen! :)